Thursday June 25


“Pinball” exhaling and enjoying the glass like conditions.

Mother nature has been on our side the last few days, with the exception of Tuesdays crazy weather!  Today conditions were near perfect.  Our first sighting of the day, the largest boney fish in the world, the Mola mola.


Close to boat Mola mola.

Our next stop on our journey was another day with “Pinball”.  She is a beautiful 26 year old who has contributed to our North Atlantic population with 6 calves to date.  Her appetite has been ferocious!  Humpback whales in the North Atlantic fast during the winter months.  When they arrive in The Gulf of Maine it is a feeding frenzy!


pinball tail2

“Pinball” and her unique tail pattern

balloonDuring most of our whale watching trips, I would say daily we see some form of marine debris.  Marine debris is a HUGE problem in all the worlds oceans.  Being a part of WHALE SENSE we are committed to following guide lines set by NOAA in partnership with Whale Dolphin Conservation.  When conditions allow us to retrieve items from the ocean we do our best to do so (keeping crew and passengers save does come first.)  Today another mylar balloon very close by were “Pinball” was feeding!  Thankfully Captain Chris turned around and allowed Amy to get the balloon and string out of harms way!



Some familiar faces onboard today, passengers from London and all other parts of the world spent the day with us to see the wonders of the open ocean.  Passengers buying a tickets to whale watch shows the importance of these animals, we no longer to we seek to hunt but to observe and to educate, teach conservation,and health status.  “Gulf of Maine whales are the most documented whales in the world”- (Regina-Asmutis-Silva WDC N. America Executive Director)

Thank you to everyone who joined us today,remember to pop those balloons and dispose of them properly!