Friday June 26 1:30

Whales today had traveled over 10 miles since yesterday making finding them a bit more difficult. As I always say patience pays off.  Our first whale was a very fast minke whale who only came up for 2 breathes, making  a lot of white water doing so then then disappearing below the surface.  We tried our best to wait but in the mean time a report came in about a fin whale mom/calf pairDSC_0258DSC_0165

Mom was keeping her calf under wraps and mostly out of sight, but mom was cooperating very nicely, just making circlers around us and the area.  At one point she was heading right at us on our starboard side giving us looks at her straight on!  Not a approach we see often, it sure to my breathe away!


Each day brings new and exciting sightings, we never know what each day holds for us, no matter what its never a dull moment, where they will be, how many, how far we go?  its all part of the ride into a whales world.  It could be one whale or 20 they continue to capture my thoughts and my enthusiasm to do the best I can do to educate and pass on knowledge to keep all marine mammals safe and respected.

Thank you for joining us today!