Thursday July 2


Another wonderful day of watching whales in The Gulf of Maine.  It really is amazing how quickly reports change and of course where whales are located day to day, hour to hour.  Today we had “Sedge” the humpback whale all to our selves!  We weren’t certain how our looks would be like as he was down for any where from 4-6.5 minutes, come up take a few big breathe’s, show us his enormous tail and then down he went.  When he reapperared for air he had moved a bit away but as time passed he began to stay closer by and stay up longer, even popping up next to us as we watched him go right under the boat!

Whales will be were there tends to be large, and even small concentrations of food.  Some bait is on the bottom, some close to the surface, either way when it dries up they move along to find more.  Just 2 days ago “Sedge”  was 25 miles from his location today!  It’s all about large consumptions of food during the summer months.

During our travels today we did spot a very shy Minke whale who had plans for the day, and his plans did not include spending any time with us.


“Sedge” the Humpback

It is a big holiday week end and we are running trips Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at 8:30 and again at 1:30.  Be certain to leave plenty of time, with so many folks in town for the holiday.  The weather looks great, not tot hot but always remember to dress in layers, the temp can drop 15-20 degrees.

Who or what will we see tomorrow/, Saturday?, and Sunday??  Join us and lets find out together.  Call now for a reservation.

See you soon!