Our 8:30 trip was just perfect when you talk about conditions to see and spend time with whales.  Morning trips are so quiet in the river and off shore.  Boat traffic is slow and conditions lately have been glass like.

We spent time with a familiar Minke whale, “Scar Minke”  this name has been given to this whale only by local whale watching vessels, sadly it does bare a large scar.  This whale was in 200 feet of water with bait at about 50 feet down in the water column, each breathe it exhaled all of us were witness to the 900 lbs of prey they take in each day!  Minke breathe is quite strong smelling, but when are you close enought to witness the  smell and also see them close by swimming freely is so calming,

Wew saw in total 6-8 minkes,keeping us on toes as we attemptred to get looks at all the specied we had todsy.  Almost out of time we found :Sedge”the male  humpnack whale  he was hungry searchinh for food even.

Our afternoon trip we continurd t see several minkes , and finding Sedge once again, freeding and also sowing evidencemog feeding,  We did see s vary largr Blue Fin Tuna jump clear out of the water, and a MolaMola sataying very cloce by, we decieded to name  it Hailey.

fin ‘tune