4th of July Weekend!

Happy 4th of July!


We dealt with a little bit of overcast conditions on Saturday, but a few clouds have never slowed us down! Saturday morning’s trip we started with a few minke whales before we managed to track down Sedge the humpback whale. Sedge has been hanging around Jeffreys Ledge the past few weeks but moving around quite a bit making it difficult to relocate him. The afternoon trip we weren’t able to relocated Sedge but we did have some good minke whales, an ocean sunfish (Mola mola) and another special fish sighting: a shark! At first we thought it was a basking shark, but as we approached we realized it was actually a toothed shark. We aren’t 100% positive on the species as the overcast conditions made the glare a little tricky to see through but we think it may have been a Mako Shark or a Porbeagle! Either way a rare but very cool sighting!

Sunday morning’s trip the sun was back out and nice and warm. After a few difficult minke whales we found an area with 3 very cooperative minke whales that we got excellent looks at. On our afternoon trip we took a chance on a report and booked it farther East. In our travels we came across a minke whale, and after coming up short on the report found an ocean sunfish! We finished the day with some time with a huge fin whale that we got excellent close looks at before we had to head home.

Check our Facebook page for photos from this weekend, we are going to start updating our page with sightings and photos more often.