Monday July 6

4 Species day today.

Toda’s trip only took us 14 miles from Newburyport which doesn’t happen often but when it does it leaves us lots of time to explore and spend time with not only whales but other interesting fish and sharks!

I wish I could post we saw a Great White today but “2” huge Basking Sharks was even better.  I can’t recall ever seeing 2 together in such close proximity of each other, ANOTHER great shark encounter.

Also in the same general area were at least Minke whales in every direction, Harbor Seals, and a Mola mola (ocean sunfish.)

Sea conditions were perfect and we had a refreshing cool breeze keeping us very comfortable.

Thank you to our passenger and friend Robert (any Captain Chris) for removing yet another mylar balloon from the water!  The amount of debris we have been seeing on our trips has been out of control.  As we were scanning the horizon what we thought were sightings of life turned out to be balloons and other debris.  Please think of marine life, turtles, birds, etc when you think of purchasing balloons, they are so dangerous in the marine environment!

Hot conditions are the forecast for the week, its always cooler on the water, enjoy great sightings and and cool conditions with us!

We look forward to seeing you soon!

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