Thursday July 9

Today felt like a early fall day, a bit of a chill in the air but that was soon replaced by some sun and hot conditions back in Newburyport.

Each and EVERY day we are asked the same questions, what are we going to see today?  Where are the Humpback whales?  The answer to question number 1 is “I will let you know at the end of the trip” (I mean no disrespect or sarcasm)  The answer to question number 2 is at the moment some are 40 plus miles north, others are south of Provincetown, MA.

Don’t think just because at the moment humpbacks are all spread out that there isn’t  other whales  all sorts of other fish, marine life, birds, and even sharks in the area!  The reality of being in nature is the unknown.

We did traveled between 23 to 24 miles today (remember most whales do prefer deep water.)  Our patience and that of our passenger did pay off.  It seemed like out of no where a mother/calf pair of Finback whales made an appearance.  Most fin whales are given numbers instead of names, today’s mom was # 9709.  What made the day very interesting for me was we saw this female a year ago yesterday!  We we ALL very excited to see her and her new 2015 calf.  We also found a Minke whale close to the Merrimack River mouth from the keen eyes of some of our passengers from Epping, NH, thank you folks!

Continue to check our sightings page and FACEBOOK PAGE for photo’s of each trip.

Thank you for joining us at Newburyport Whale Watch, as always it was a pleasure having you onboard!